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Robert B. Wilkins was born in Galveston and completed a medical degree at University of Texas Medical Branch where he was awarded the prestigious Ashbel Smith Outstanding Alumnus Award. While involved in his medical training throughout the United States, he travelled internationally and visited casinos around the world. Those experiences were the impetus for the writing of The Carlucci Betrayal. Wilkins has also written the hit musical Galveston! The Vegas Before Vegas.

Sarah Cortez is the author and/or editor of thirteen award-winning books spanning the genres of fiction, memoir, poetry, and creative nonfiction. As a freelance editor, she brought to life ground-breaking anthologies focused on Latino/a and Native American crime writers. With a penchant for noir fiction (and publications of her own with Akashic Books), she is also a member of the Texas Institute for Letters, a fellow for the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, and a member of the Dick Tracy Hall of Fame. She's a feature on American Trigger Sports Network television. Her careers as writer, editor, and police officer come together in this book, The Carlucci Betrayal.

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