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It’s the 1920s in an America dizzy with hot music, loose morals, and dangerous opportunities to make money. Two small-town brothers, Vince and Frank Carlucci, cash in on their knowledge of the bootlegging business by targeting an island already controlled by two rival crime syndicates.

Little do they realize that soon they will be embroiled in more gunfights, intrigue, and searing romance than either one of them had anticipated. As they juggle violent takeover attempts, local animosity, and uneasy political alliances, each of them experiences love in unanticipated ways.

Accelerating conflicts propel the two brothers into a desperate confrontation under the turbulent winds of a deadly hurricane.

Only then, is the Carlucci betrayal finally concluded.

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"The Carlucci Betrayal takes readers deep into the Mississippi Delta during Prohibition to witness the founding of a criminal empire, and not since The Godfather has a Mafia family captivated readers the way the Carlucci brothers do in Robert Wilkins' and Sarah Cortez’s rollicking novel of love, lust, and naked ambition."

—  Michael Bracken
Anthony Award-nominated Editor of The Eyes of Texas

"The Carlucci Betrayal is a fast-paced, thriller-diller of a crime ride. Newcomer Robert Wilkins and mistress of mystery Sarah Cortez team up to bring fresh action to the crime family novel. Love, lust and lucre make an explosive combination between two brothers—best friends and best enemies. An extra? The unexpected touches of humor."

—  Stephanie Jaye Evans, 
Author of Faithful Unto DeathA Sugar Land Mystery

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